SEMS™ Certification

Welcome To The Next Level Of Business Development

The Institute for Sustainable Business Education is your SEMS™ training resource. A SEMS™ Certified company can produce a competency certificate, an action plan to guide its transition to sustainable operations, and an internal audit report to verify that sustainable policies and practices are functional and not just self proclamations.

SEMS™ Certification is based on an award category that recognizes a company's ability to create enduring value by incorporating sustainable principles into day-to-day operations. The first step is to obtain a Certificate as a sustainable business. The Certificate qualifies your company to take an online audit exam based on categories used in the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the world's most prevalent standard for sustainability reporting. A passing score of 70 or better is required to be awarded SEMS™ Certification. 

A convenient, cost-effective way to build  skills and advance a business.

Each level of SEMS™ development builds sustainability knowledge and skills. You must complete a sustainability plan to earn a Program Certificate and/or to qualify the business for SEMS™ Certification.

Basic Knowledge

Level One

Core sustainability training includes a self-assessment of impacts in business operations, plus an  informative e-course designed to build applied knowledge of the principles of sustainability.


Skills Building

Level Two

Advancing sustainability involves hands-on skills training using interactive online tools, worksheets and templates to create a sustainability action plan.


Level Three

Continue to build capability and skills with a “how-to” e-course focused on conducting an internal audit to ensure that practices outlined in the sustainability plan are functional.

You must complete a sustainability plan to qualify to take the SEMS™ Certification Exam. 

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